Friday, March 11, 2011

Showing Love for St. Louis (AG Giveaway)

Happy Friday Readers!

Today through next Friday I will be running another giveaway!  As you may have already gathered from my other giveaways (the brooch and the handcreme), I like to give away products that I really enjoy.

Since  I love my AG Stevie cords, and because I had such a lovely visit at the AG store in St. Louis (featured in my last post), this giveaway will be for a $25 dollar Adriano Goldschmied gift card.  This gift card can be used only in AG stores (not online, and not at other retailers like Anthropologie or Nordstrom), and the winner of the gift card will receive their prize in the mail.

So. . . how can you win this gift card?

picture courtesy AG Website
First (1) you will need to follow my blog, if you are not already a follower (you can do this either on blogger or through google reader).

Second (2) leave a comment about your favorite place in St. Louis- this could be a park, a restaurant, a neighborhood, an attraction, etc.  AND tell me why this is your favorite place

Third (3) make sure that you leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!

In case you were wondering. . . here are a few locations of the AG stores:

St. Louis, MO
Beverly Hills, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
San Francisco, CA
Aventura, FL
Miami, FL
Atlantic City
Soho (New York, NY)
Upper West Side (New York, NY)

Best of luck to all of you!!!


  1. Hi Laura! Happy spring break! I like Forest Park, because there is so much to do (the Muny, zoo, art museum, etc)...did you know that Forest Park is larger than Central Park?

  2. Happy Spring Break! My favorite place in St. Louis is definitely the Forest Park Zoo, especially on a cold day. When there are no crowds it is a lot more enjoyable. :-)

  3. Hey Laura!

    I have several favorite places in St. Louis...if I had to pick one it would be Wash U's main quad because I have so many good memories from there. I also love the Big Bang (piano bar) down on the Landing, the middle school that I teach at, and Dewey's Pizza.


  4. My favorite place in all of Saint Louis is in Forest Park; a park bench that faces "mansion walk" (my name for the mansions on Lindell across from the area of Forest Park closest to the History Museum) underneath my "applause tree". I sit under the tree and do what us commies do best read/write/wonder what the heck these researchers are talking about. One day, when I was writing a paper I heard applause- and it was the tree's leaves! Since then, I have made that spot my own. Even though I know my papers will eventually bleed red with all the comments from our professors, hearing the tree's "applause" while I'm scribbling furiously beneath it is an awesome motivator.

  5. Hi Laura!

    My favorite place in St. Louis is the Botanical Garden. We're members and it has been a godsend to have a place of beauty to retreat to these last few months.