Sunday, March 6, 2011

How Inspiring: The Ocean

(Pipeline, North Shore O'ahu- you may, or may not recognize this beach from Blue Crush)

Those of you who know me well know that I love being near the ocean. In the water, on a boat, or standing on shore; there's a certain ease and peace I experience when I'm near a large body of salt water. The ocean, in all of its beauty, is a constant source of inspiration in the way I choose to narrate my life through clothing. How?

1) Color Palette
(Ocean Park in San Francisco, CA)

All at once subtle and stunning
(somewhere in Ireland- I've forgotten where exactly)

2) Movement

(Northern Ireland, somewhere on the way to Bushmills)

The ocean is ever-moving and always fresh, qualities reflected in the large stocks of flowing and ruffled skirts and blouses in my closet.
(Ocean Park, San Francisco, CA)

3)Its capacity for fun (when you know the rules)
(Ocean Park)

The ocean, like fashion, is an incredible resource of endless possibilities for fun and leisure. But, in order to participate in this fun safely, we must enter the water with a sense of adventure and the common sense to stay away from the dangers that lurk in the water (ie; MC Hammer pants, leggings with UGGs, or generally wearing leggings as pants).

(Ibiza, Spain)


  1. Legging as pants are a huge faux pas. Laura, I love reading your blog for study breaks! This one makes me want to go to the ocean so much!

  2. love the pics
    nice blog

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  3. Beautiful images!
    Cool blog!

  4. Hey! Great post, loved the way you described it. Such mesmerising pictures. Please check my blog out too and let me know what you think! I'm following you now :) xo