Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words and Watercolors

Hello Readers!

What a day Wednesday was! Wednesdays are notorious for being difficult, and while this one wasn't the most difficult it was certainly a challenge.  I slept in past my first two alarms on my phone, a student fell asleep in my second class at the end of the lecture (but it was funny and the student sincerely apologized), I was stressed out about my upcoming comprehensive exams, and the power went out on campus everywhere but the library where I was studying.

But. . . the sun was shining, the weather was warm, and I was able to wear a dress that I purchased at the end of last spring that's been waiting to be worn.  A dress with colors that signal the start of spring and a tailored look that makes me feel ready for the stress of this point in the semester.

On days like Wednesday, a boost of confidence or inspiration can really make my attitude better throughout the day.  Sometimes this happens through wearing an outfit that makes me feel better about the day, receiving a kind word from a friend, reading a Bible verse or a quote that touches my heart, watching a beautiful sunset. . . you get the picture- these boosts occur in many fashions and when they occur I am grateful for how they infuse my day with positivity and endurance.

On Wednesday, these boosts made their appearance in 2 ways: (1) a package I found in my mailbox from a source yet to be revealed with kind words and sweet treats and (2) the dress I wore. Here are my boosts:

Boost #1 (Sweet things from a sweet-but anonymous- friend)

Boost #2 (Watercolor Dress)

I wanted to post in the window. . . but the dress proved to be a bit too slippery.

Slip and Slide!

Here we go! Now I look relaxed and confident

Retail Details:
Light Brown Glasses: Chaps (these are my spares- I hardly ever wear them)
White, Purple, and Grey Sheath Dress: Ann Taylor
Brown Woven Belt: Anthropologie
Greyish-Brownish Tights: Aerie
Neutral Brown Buckled Flats: Bandolino (from Bergner's)
Grey V-Neck Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch (circa 2008)


  1. haha last picture is great, love the dress xoxo

  2. I love your boosts!!! Aweeee... Snickers!
    and absolutely stunning dress - love the print!
    Marusya V

  3. Thank you Marusya! I appreciate your feedback! :)