Thursday, March 3, 2011

The *Makeup* of a Look


This week, a dear friend brought an important matter to my attention: that I have not discussed a very important element of fashion on this blog. What is that element? Makeup.

As I've learned from teaching Public Speaking, audience-centered messages are often the most effective messages, and since my audience (or at least a portion of my audience) is interested in this topic I thought it would be an appropriate post. And since she suggested the topic, I chose my friend Giuliangela to be interviewed and featured here on my blog. Here is our interview, as well as a few photos:

Q: You approached me about doing a blog post about makeup, a topic that hasn't been featured on my blog yet. Tell me more about this request.
A: Laura, I love that your blog deals with fashion, clothing, accessories and the like. To me, makeup is an extension of "putting it all together" and think that anyone who is interested in fashion, inevitably will have some interest in makeup as well.

Q: What types of makeup do you wear on an everyday basis (ie; mascara, lipgloss, etc)
A: On a daily basis I wear a loose powder, eyeliner, mascara, and a lip gloss. Of course I add and subtract from that list based on the occasion :)

Q: What brands and types of makeup did you wear today?
Bare Escentuals: Primer
Bare Escentuals: 2N Medium Beige Foundation
Bare Escentuals: Warmth (bronzer)
Bare Escentuals: Mineral Veil (tinted) (finishing powder)
Victoria Secret: Ravishing eye palette
Bare Escentuals: Devotion Eye Shadow
Sephora: Matte Deep Plum retractable eyeliner
Blinc: Black Mascara
Benefit: Highbeam (highlighter for cheeks, inner corners of eye)
Tarte: Moody Lip Stain

Q: Of all of the makeup you own, what is your favorite item? (Or top 3, if you can't narrow it down)
A: It changes often but I would definitely say my Blinc Mascara and Tarte Lip Stain. A friend recently recommended the mascara to me. It's really amazing! It tubes your eye lashes instead of painting them and creates a longers, sleeker look. It's just something you have to try to understand it! Also, I love lip stains. It gives you that freshly bitten, berry stained look and lasts a long time.

Q: When shopping for makeup, what do your look for? What are your requirements?
A: I'm always up for trying a new product at least once. I normally ask around about products first before I try them, or at least will take a recommendation from a salesperson. I like to balance price with quality and something that will last a long time.

Q: Do you have a favorite brand of makeup? (I love Clinique, btw)
A: Probably Sephora's own brand of makeup. Its price point is the lowest in its stores so you can feel free to experiment with different colors and products! Also, Laura Gellar is another one who I really love. That brand does Italian baked eye shadows and foundations that give you a really balanced clean look.

Q: Who are your makeup icons? Where are your sources of inspiration?
A: I love classic looks -- the women from the 40's and 50's come to mind.... cherry red matte lips and darkly lined eyes!

Q: In your opinion, what can makeup do for a look or an outfit?
A: Makeup can complement an outfit in so many ways. Whether you are using colors that complement or provide a nice contrast to your wardrobe palette, you can definitely add to much more depth to an outfit. For example, using a eye liner that matches a focal point of your outfit can really tie it all together. (I love doing this with bright blue eyeliner!)

Q: How does makeup narrate your look?
A: Laura, I love that in your blog you view fashion as storytelling. I think makeup can do the same thing! You can go glam for a night out (using eye shadows and eye liners that have a lot of shimmer) or simple and classic (using matte and neutral colors). Whichever look you choose, you are telling a story with your makeup..

Q: What advice or recommendations would you like to share with my readers about makeup?
A: Try new stuff! I think some people get stuck in the same makeup routine or consistently use the same colors. Finding colors that complement your complexion and eyes (I have hazel eyes, so I use a lot of plums and browns in my palettes) and learning to mix them up can be very rewarding! Don't be shy to ask people working in makeup stores to recommend or show you how to use new products. Also, get a good set of brushes! Cheap brushes can actually be bad for your skin. I use Mary Kay and Bare Escentuals brushes. It's important to know how to apply your makeup correctly, and when you have the right tools it can be a lot of fun!

Q: What recommendations would you give me (or other pale chicas)?
A: Stay away from any liquid foundations! Use powders that you can blend together to look balanced and polished. Using cooler and neutral colors on the eyes, light color on cheeks, and paler or pink lipsticks.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?
A: Laura, I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience. See you soon with a new product in hand?

Thank you Giuliangela!!!

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