Monday, February 7, 2011

Anthro- It's Not You, It's Me

Dear Anthropologie,

Let me begin by thanking you for the lovely clothing you create and sell. Your store is so lovely, but I think we need to spend some time apart.

You see, I really wish that we could spend more time together, and that more of your clothing could befriend my clothing, but my graduate school stipend does not permit me to spend as much money on your clothes as I or you would like me to spend. When I am done with graduate school, and I have a job, I promise that we can spend more time together.

Please know that there will always be room for your merchandise in my closet- but for the time being my stipend restricts the amount of clothing I can spend at your store. I look forward to browsing your sales, websites, and catalogues for the time being, and I sincerely look forward to investing more in your collections when I have a full time job.

Thank you for the great times and stylish wardrobe!




  1. Hey Laura!
    My condolances for your seperation from Anthropology! This one of the cutest blogs I've read! You are so creative. Hope you are doing well! I will give you a call sometime soon to catch up and see what is new with you :)
    Love ya, Bethany (and Sakora)

  2. Thanks Bethany (and Sakora!)! I look forward to hearing from you!!!