Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lollia Relax Handcreme Product Review (It's About Time!)

Hello Readers,

In early December I tested a sampler of a handcreme at my local Anthropologie store and became enchanted by its fragrance. A luxurious blend of lavender and honey and honey that quench dry skin in a moisturizing blend of shea butter, macademia nut oils and avocado oils. Lollia's Relax Handcreme is amazing.

In late January, after testing and retesting the handcreme every time I went into Anthropologie, I finally bought this wonder of handcremes. I continued to love the smell and how soft it made my hands and brought it in to work a week later (this brings us to early February). Then I offered the lotion to friends when they asked for it (and each time I used it) and they too sang the praises of this marvelous product.

I wasn't paid to tell you all about this product and I have no incentive for telling you about Lollia Relax- but I am telling you about it because of how much I love using it. The fragrance is heavenly and it makes my hands as soft as a cloud. Simply marvelous!

You can find this product on Anthropologie's website (here) and on Apothica's website (here). I didn't see it in my Anthropologie when I was there last week, but it might still be in an Anthro store near you.

Here's the photo from the Anthropologie website:

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