Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Do You Say to Taking Chances?

Taking chances. . . This is something that I haven't always been the greatest at doing. Usually, when given the chance of playing it safe or taking a chance, I will choose the safer option. You know, the option with the most predictable and desirable outcome.

And yet, even though I often fear the unpredictable, I find myself in situations where I step outside of my comfort zone and, yes, take chances. Here are a couple of examples:

-Hawai'i: After applying to my dream internship, I was offered a summer position which required me to spend the summer in Honolulu, HI. A paradise, yes, but it would require me to find new friends and a church, learn and succeed as a intern, and maybe have a bit of fun along the way.
How did this turn out? This summer was tremendous! I loved my internship, I met wonderful friends, found a church, and had a fun time exploring the island of O'ahu. Lessons of the summer? God is faithful, and He's provided me with more strength than I thought I had.

-Graduate School: Just over two years ago, I submitted applications to graduate programs. Almost two years ago, I accepted an assistantship and decided to attend Saint Louis University to pursue and MA. Going into this experience, I knew that this journey would take me outside of my comfort zone. But if I knew how difficult this experience would be, I probably would have chosen to attend an easier program or it's quite possible that I would have elected not to attend graduate school at all.

How did this endeavor turn out? Well, the past two years have been so much harder than I thought they could be but I believe that I've become an even stronger person (yet again). I am so glad that I chose to take this chance because its changed how I see and understand the world. The wealth of knowledge acquired during this time extends beyond textbooks and journal articles, and it is a wealth I am confident will carry me through many more chances I decide to take in the future.

So- what do you say to taking chances?


  1. Im all for them. They that risk much either gain much or learn much in return. I want to live not just exist. When you take chances you are being true too yourself. There is no such thing as failure. . Just falling with style.