Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Was Time for A Change. . .

Hello Readers!

Here it is. My new haircut! Nothing too drastic- just a trim and an update to my layers- but what a change! Despite the cold, rainy weather that greeted me when I left the salon, I felt like I was was walking on sunshine (until I stepped in a puddle).

Haircuts are amazing, especially when they take place at an awesome salon (Ginger Bay Salon & Spa) with an incredibly talented stylist (thanks Malia!). Let me tell you how awesome my experience was today.

When I walked into Ginger Bay, I was promptly greeted, checked in, and someone put my coat away. Then, I was offered the very delicious Aveda Comforting Tea (heavenly). As I waited for my stylist Malia, I sat in a comfortable chair with my cup of tea and watched a portion of a fashion show on television.

My wait wasn't long, and ended with a friendly greeting from my stylist followed by a short walk to her chair where I showed her a few photos of my desired layers and framing (basically, 4 pictures of Zooey Deschanel). Then, using aromatherapy oils, I received a scalp massage. Yes, scalp massage. And yes, very relaxing.

After treating my hair to a luxurious treatment of Aveda shampoo, conditioner, and other wonderful styling agents, Malia performed miracles on my hair: sculpting layers, framing my face, styling my hair and banishing split ends.

Then, the reveal. Since I wear glasses, I have to take them off during this process- but (when being handled with care by a stylist I trust) this makes the big reveal even greater. During the haircut, I can only see a blurry version of what's going on- but when everything is complete I get to see the new and improved me in all of its entirety. At the "reveal"- the me I see is always so different than the me I saw before I removed my glasses. And this difference was good.

It was time for a change, and in a dreary week, this was a change I welcomed and a change I embrace. Hooray for Hair Cuts!!!

Retail Details:
Ivory Craft & Creation Knit Tee: Deletta (Anthropologie)
Black V-Neck Cardigan: Zara
Tan Cords: AG Stevie (Anthropologie)
Dark Brown Boots: Anne Klein
Dark Grey Sparkly Earrings: St. Louis Art Museum giftshop
Blondish-Brownish Fabulous Hair: By Malia at Ginger Bay Salon and Spa in Kirwood, MO


  1. Looks great, Laura!! I get mine cut tomorrow - I can't wait!!!

  2. Thanks! You should post photos of your new hair cut!