Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giveaway Tomorrow!!!


The time is near. Tomorrow, and the rest of the week I will be running a giveaway. I still won't say what this lovely giveaway is, but it is something special from my favorite store, and the item has something to do with Valentine's Day.

Back when I was in undergrad, at Greenville College, I would often find myself watching Oprah. It wasn't a daily ritual, but if I was flipping through the channels and her show was on, I would watch it. There was an episode (or a type of episode), however, that I couldn't miss- when Oprah would give away her favorite things to the audience. Wouldn't that be great to be in the audience the day that she gave away her favorite car, or favorite jewelry? I think there was one favorite things episode where she gave away some sort of spa retreat too- that would also be a great favorite thing to receive.

Anyways. . . I am not Oprah, and I cannot give away all of my favorite things to all of you, but can give away one of my favorite things to one of you.

Tomorrow I will reveal this giveaway and the contest details. Keep your eyes peeled readers!

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